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Sue Rood Clerk of Session - 815-761-8982

Laurie Johnson - 815-264-7706

Brad Russell - 815-762-9438

Linda Loudermilk - 815-264-3555

Moderator -


Jeanetta Boughton - 815-495-4681

Susan Eichelberger - 815-264-7772

Dave Stryker - 815-970-1792

Mary Stryker - 815-264-3215

Lindsey Conley -


Christian Education

Jennifer Can Wyle

Sue Rood



Head Usher: Floyd Hunt

Organist: Brent Monteiro

Pianist: Jay Monteiro

Praise Leader: Christine Monteiro

Open Hands Preschool Representative: Mary Stryker and Lynn Byington

Treasurer: Shari Conley

Assistant Treasurer: Jay Monteiro, Christine Monteiro

UMPEC Representatives: Marilyn Ryen, Linda Loudermilk

WOW Administrator: Sue Hipple

Secretary: Michele Houghtby


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